Just a minute with… Emma Nicholson

Dr. Emma Nicholson finished her PhD on Philip V of Macedon in Polybios’ Histories at Newcastle in December 2015 and is currently teaching in the department. her research interests include Hellenistic history, historiography, epigraphy, leadership, cultural politics, cultural values and interstate relations. Traveller, artist, lover of movies, good food, good beer, and books. find her on Twitter.   Read more about Just a minute with… Emma Nicholson[…]

Just a minute with… Chris Mowat

Chris Mowat is a second year Classics and Ancient History PhD student, and our current IT and Social Media person. His research is on gender construction and divination in the Roman world. He is also organising AMPAH 2016. He is on twitter @chrismologos Though currently away on research in Germany, we still managed to get Read more about Just a minute with… Chris Mowat[…]

Just a minute with… Amy Shields

Amy Shields a third year history PhD student, and current editor of our postgraduate journal, Pons Aelius. Her research focuses on seventeenth century republicanism in England, Venice, and the Dutch Republic. She is on twitter @ahshields90 What did you want to be as a child? An Olympic swimmer, an author, and a vet. I think Read more about Just a minute with… Amy Shields[…]