5th Edition of the Historical Studies Postgraduate Forum (2006)

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‘Approaches to Quantifying the Roman Economy Colloquium’ Wednesday 27th September 2006, Oxford. Conference Report – Susan V. Walker

Domitian’s Reign of Terror. Historical Reality or Theoretical Construct? – Jonathan Eaton

‘How Doth the Little Busy Bee…’…’: The Use of Apian Imagery in Basil’s ‘On the Value of Pagan Literature’ – Jennifer Gane

De Aquaeductu Urbis Romae and the Plebeian Nature of the Augustan Aventine – Michael Lauritsen

Art in the landscape: a case study of engravings in Brazil – Ana C. Nascimento

Ardnamurchan Transitions Project Season One, 2006. Interim Report – Phil Richardson & Hannah Cobb

Where did they put it all? Incorporation of storage in the Palace of Nestor – Mike Rocchio

Aulus Gellius Noctes Atticae 20.1.12-13: Approaches to Evidence – Susan V. Walker

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