25 November, 2014


The Postgraduate Forum E-Journal, published annually, is designed to be a platform for postgraduate students to present their research to a new and wider audience.  The journal takes its annual theme from the PGF Conference and because it aims to be as inclusive as possible themes are chosen which will appeal to a broad range of researchers.  As part of this inclusive ethos, we also encourage MA and non-PhD postgraduates to submit papers.  Our editorial team distributes a ‘call for papers’ and papers are selected for inclusion based on their merit and the appropriateness to the annual theme.

Questions regarding the research of particular papers included in the journals should be directed to the authors.  The contact details of the author are always included in the first footnote of the paper.

If you would like to know more about the E-Journal or have any questions please do not hesitate to contact our current Editors, Katherine Waugh (k.waugh3@newcastle.ac.uk)  or Jerome Ruddick. 


The Postgraduate Forum E-Journal was last published in 2016, but we hope to return to annual publication. You can find the last edition of the journal below:

E-Journal 2016: 

13th edition of Pons Aelius (2016)

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