Pons Aelius 14 (Winter Edition: February 2022)

In this Edition…


Christopher Tinmouth, The Significance of the First Crusade to the Institutional Memory of Orderic Vitalis’ Ecclesiastical History. 1-15.

Paul Davy, Political Violence in the Second Spanish Republic. 16-30.


Arnau Lario-Devesa, A Quest for the Ancient World. The appropriation of the proto-historic and Roman heritage by contending national and regional political movements in the nineteenth-century Spain. 31-46.

Teifion Gambold, Culture of Conflict? Trans-Rhenish Exchange and the Transformation of the ‘Roman World’. 47-66.

Gary Watson, Palmyra’s Roman Revolution: How Rome Enabled the Palmyrene Empire. 67-79.

Editor’s Comments

The theme of this edition is ‘conflict’, chosen to address an ever present theme in our society. Conflict is often devastating for everyone involved, warping personal identities and leaving a trail of destruction behind it. However, conflict also brings the chance to understand others and to adapt; the latter being of great worth today, where the world changes dramatically day after day. These ideas are reflected in the collected papers of this edition of Pons Aelius, whether that is seen during the First Crusade, in 19th century Spain or in Ancient Rome. You will find arguments that tackle how conflict of the past can be used to build a society and how memories of war can be transformed into a new identity. The papers take us from Ancient Rome and beyond, all the way to 19th century Spain, where conflict was, and still is, shaping the world of the past and the present. We must remember to keep our minds open during this process; conflict cannot always be avoided but we can ensure, if it is neccesary, that it is used productively. Not for material gain, or to harm others, but to promote understanding and acceptance in the wake of it.

Jerome Ruddick (General Editor) J.M.L.Ruddick2@newcastle.ac.uk

Katherine Waugh (Associate Editor), k.waugh3@newcastle.ac.uk

Harriet Palin (History Editor), h.palin1@newcastle.ac.uk

Craig Thomas (History Editor), c.thomas5@newcastle.ac.uk

Eleanor Harrison (Archaeology Editor), e.harrison2@newcastle.ac.uk