8th Edition of the Historical Studies Postgraduate Forum E-Journal (2011)

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How to remember one’s father: paternal images in the Seleucid Court – Kyle Erickson

Adapting to Russia’s changing approaches to its past: the Western historiography of Stalin and Stalinism – Ariane Galy

O Uncle, Who Art Thou? Basil’s adoption of identities from Homer’s Odyssey – Jennifer Gane

Pete Curran and the Jarrow Parliamentary By-Election of 1907 – Stephen Lowrey

The Wirral brooch: a case study in trade across Roman Britain – Frances McIntosh

When the Sea Dragon Roars: Hydrological Disasters and the High Qing Emperors – Chung-yam PO

The Changing Landscape of Archaeology – Douglas Rocks-Macqueen

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