We will be hearing from Yolanda Panou a second year PhD student at the University of Edinburgh. Yolanda’s research areas are classical tragedy (both Greek and Roman), classical mythology and, more specifically, the representations of infanticide and child killing in the ancient world and theatre. Alongside the tragic plays, her main sources also cover the legal, social and philosophical background of classical Athens, early Republican and Neronian Rome. 

She will deliver her paper entitled: “Becoming a victim of μανία: Representations of child killing on the Athenian stage

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PGF Seminar 24th February 1-2pm

We will be hearing from Claire Heseltine a current MSt student in Classical Archaeology at the University of Oxford. Her research focuses on issues of gender in the transmission of divine and mythological iconography from the Hellenistic to Roman period. She is currently funded by the Ertegun Scholarship. Claire will deliver her paper entitled ‘And her loveliness’: the wounding and death of Penthesilea in Roman art’. 

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