PGF Seminar 10th February 1-2pm

We will be hearing from Clare Tonks (University of Edinburgh). Clare is in the final year of her PhD under the supervision of Professor Gordon Pentland. She previously studied for a BA in English Literature and Psychology at George Washington University in Washington DC and an MA in History and Literature at Columbia University, based in Paris. Her research examines the cultural memory of war and commemoration of the Napoleonic Wars in Britain from Napoleon’s defeat at the Battle of Waterloo in 1815 until the Duke of Wellington’s death in 1852. She will deliver her paper entitled: “Material Culture of Battlefield Tourism at Waterloo”. 

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PGF Seminar 27th January 1-2pm

We will be hearing from our very own Jerome Ruddick.  Jerome is a PhD student working within the subject of Classics. He has a BA in Classics and Archaeology and an MSc in Forensic Archaeology. His PhD focuses on the Hellenistic period in Greece and the relationship between mythology, identity and material culture. Jerome intends on examining how material culture contributes to identity’s evolution and what this informs us about the nature of Greek belief.  Jerome will deliver his paper entitled: “The Festival of Despoina: Creating mythological narratives through material culture”.

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