13th Annual Postgraduate Forum Conference

‘Individuals and Communities’ 20th May 2016 Room 2.22, Research Beehive, Newcastle University 9.00 – 9.15 Tea and Coffee Panel 1 Chair: Lauren Emslie 9.15 – 9:45  George Scratcherd (University of Oxford) The four horsemen of the AME Church: ‘Great Men’ and the challenges of black church historiography. 9.45 – 10.15 James Mullen (Newcastle University) God, Read more about 13th Annual Postgraduate Forum Conference[…]

And on that bombshell…

by Andrew Marriott (2nd year Archaeology PhD). It’s difficult to proceed down PhD’s journey (what else is life these days?) without being reminded that the 21st-century scholar must make an impact. With my research, the North East’s First World War Trench Art, I should have something of a head-start. After all, there can be few Read more about And on that bombshell…[…]