14th Annual Postgraduate Forum Conference Program

14th Annual Postgraduate Forum Conference

School of History, Classics and Archaeology

Newcastle University

19th May 2016


Time Programme
9.00-9.50 Registration and coffee (Armstrong Reception Rooms)
9.50-10.00 Chair’s welcome (Armstrong Reception Rooms)
10.00-11.30 Panel I: Cultural movement (4 papers)

chair: tbc

(Armstrong Reception Rooms)

Fernando Sanchez (Trinity College, Dublin) “(Re)constructing cultural distinctiveness: cultural diplomacy or propaganda? The 1977-1979 touring exhibition, Treasures of Early Irish Art, 1500 B.C. to 1500 A.D.
Amber Roy (Newcastle University) “Identifying movement and use in ground and polished stone”
Lakshmi-Pearl Quigley (University of Edinburgh) “Movement and ‘In‐between‐ness’: Liminality in theories about difference in ‘race’ and gender history”
11.30-12.00 Tea/coffee I (Armstrong Reception Rooms)
12.00-13.30 Panel II: Movement and positioning (3 papers)

chair: tbc

(Armstrong Reception Rooms)

Lorena Zanin (University of Leeds) “Who comes, who goes and who stays: movements and interests in the North eastern corner of Italy straddling the foundation of Aquileia.”
Sara Borrello (Newcastle University) “Moving Matrons: The case of Servilia”
Kimberley Foy (Durham University) “’Keeping State’: Space, performance and languages of diplomacy at the Early Stuart Court, 1603-1642.”
13.30-14.30 Lunch (Armstrong Reception Rooms)
14.30-16.30 Panel III: Social movement (4 papers)

chair: tbc

Gorka Etxebarria (University of the Basque Country) “From the imminent breakup with Francoism to the Basque National Liberation Movement: the role of ETA armed organisation in a changing political environment (1974‐1983)”
Oznur Ozdemir (University of Leeds) “Re‐evaluating an Early Islamic Mass Movement: Looking at the Abbasid Revolution from an

Economic Perspective”

Emilio Zucchetti (Newcastle University) “Clashes and riots in ancient Rome: a postmodern perspective on Roman social struggles.”
Thomas Whitfield (Newcastle University) “’Nothing but Serjeant Glynn is to be heard in the streets’– The role of movement in creating a radical nexus in later-eighteenth-century Newcastle upon Tyne.”
16.30-17.00 Tea/coffee II (Armstrong Reception Rooms)
17.00-18.00 Keynote address (room G17)

chair: tbc

Graham Smith (Royal Holloway) “Movement in oral history: Revisiting Mrs Smereka remembering her Ostarbeiter journey”
18.00- Prize giving and wine reception (Armstrong Reception Rooms)
19.30- Dinner at Piccolino



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