About us

We are the official athletics and cross country team for Newcastle University. We cater for all disciplines and distances by offering high quality regular training. We have a team of highly qualified coaches who are willing to help you progress into a top athlete. Our regular training sessions help you stay motivated whatever you are training for.

As well as offering training sessions for those that want to race and compete, we also offer training for those that want to run to keep a moderate level of fitness and for more of a social aspect. Our social running group meet twice a week to offer regular scheduled training runs.

The club is open to all Newcastle University students. We are also an England Athletics registered team so compete in local north east leagues as well as having the option to perform on a national scale. Our main competitions are the BUCS competitions which is made up of a cross country race, an indoor athletics meet and an outdoor athletics meet. More information as well as other competitions we compete in can be found on ourĀ competitions page.

This website should give you all you need to know about the club. However, if you need more information about the club either email running@newcastle.ac.uk or following usĀ on Facebook and twitter.

The club has a rich history dating back to the 1960s. Back then the club only existed as a cross country team.

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