North East Harrier League

The Harrier League consists of about 6 cross country races starting at the beginning of October and concluding in March. It is primarily a club league, but as the University is a UKA Licensed club, we are granted entry. The league is split into divisions, runners are awarded points for their club depending on where they finished. For the men’s race the first 6 finishers count and for the women’s it is the first 3. Currently the men are in Division 3 and the women are in Division 2.

The Harrier League has a unique system in the way that it structures the races. Due to the fact that so many people are competing, the races are split into slow, medium and fast groups. With the slow group setting off 2.5 mins (2mins for the women) before the medium group and another 2.5 mins between medium and fast. To get promoted into a higher group you would need achieve a certain place in your group.

The Harrier League website has more details.