Monday 6pm – Gateshead Outdoor Track (Track)
Wednesday 3pm – Gateshead Indoor Track (Plyometric)
Friday 6pm – Gateshead Outdoor Track (Track)

Monday 6pm – Sports Centre (Steady Run)
Tuesday 6pm – Gateshead Outdoor Track
Wednesday 1.30pm – Sports Centre (Steady Run)
Thursday 6pm – Sports Centre (Thresholds)
Saturday 9am park run / 10am – Town Moor/Jesmond Dene (Hill session)
Sunday 10am – Sports Centre (Long Run)

Social Running
Attend Monday & Sunday easy runs

Strength and Conditioning* – Saturday 4-6pm – Sports Centre, Weights Room (Gold Sports Centre Membership required)
Circuits – Sunday 5-6pm – Sports Centre, Multipurpose Room

*Gold Sports Centre membership required for Strength and Conditioning