Term 2 Calendar

Events [Jan – Mar 2016]

16/01/16    Winter Series Event              Ponteland

17/01/16    Fell Run                                   Cheviots

21/01/16   Night Owl 7                              Ponteland

23-24/01/16    EUOC Big Weekend        Edinburgh

30/01/16    Winter Series Event              Town Moor

31/01/16     Local Event                             Cong Burn

04/02/16    Night Owl 8                             Cramlington

06/02/16   UNOC Taster Session             Leazes Park & Castle Leazes

07/02/16   Urban Event                             Cramlington

13/02/16    Winter Series Event                Prudhoe East

14/02/16    Regional Event                         North Yorkshire Moors

18/02/16    Night Owl 9                              Newcastle University

21/02/16    Glaisdale Rigg Fell Race         North Yorkshire Moors

27-28/02/16    Fell Running Weekend     Pennines + Lake District
High Cup Nick Fell Race + Long Run

05/03/16    North East Night Championships   North Yorkshire Moors

06/03/16    Regional Event                         North Yorkshire Moors

10/03/16    Night Owl Final                        Havannah Nature Reserve

12/03/16   Winter Series Event                 Blyth South Beach

13/03/16   Brough Law Fell Race              Northumberland

Event Types

Night Owl – night orienteering series
Winter Series Event – informal Saturday morning event within 10 miles
Local Event – orienteering event within 30 miles
Regional Event – highlight orienteering event within 70 miles
Urban event – orienteering event within a built up area
UNOC Taster Session – come and try it! Put on by us right here in Newcastle

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