PONS AELIUS 13: Call for Papers

The 13th Edition of PONS AELIUS: Newcastle History, Classics and Archaeology Postgraduate E-Journal is now accepting submissions for papers.

Following a successful conference in May, the theme of this issue is:

Individuals and Communities

Humans are often considered ‘social animals’, existing only within larger groups, though still maintaining a unique identity. 

Communities and individuals often construct carefully curated identities, which can be mutual or distinct. What role can we, as historians, classicists and archaeologists, play in reviving and bringing back the individual from a historical period, ancient or more modern? How important is the individual experience in society? How are communities organised?

For more information, see the full CfP.

Abstracts should be 250-300 words, sent to this year’s journal editor, Chris Mowat (c.j.mowat@ncl.ac.uk) by the 15th August. The paper should be around 4000 words, and, if selected, will have a deadline of 26th September.