Train With Us

Our aim is to introduce Newcastle University students to skydiving, guiding you through all necessary training to becomming a qualified skydiver. Additionally, we provide a network for like–mided students to meet and regularly socialise, as well as organising trips accross the country and abroad. Trips include visiting dropzones and windtunnels, as well as social events. None of our training requires any previous experience of the sport.

We do everything we can to make all of this possible whilst keeping to a student budget. By arranging group bookings and investing club subsidy, we are able to keep costs down to around half of what you would pay to train outside of the club. Whatever you want to achieve, from meeting new people to getting your skydiving licence, get in touch and we will do the rest.

There are a range of methods to begin skydiving, and we offer discounts for all of them to Newcastle University students. Below is a brief description of training methods, the associated costs, and an outline of the format for our courses. If you are unsure about any of our training, or want to find out more, please come along to our socials or send us an email.

Ram-Air Progression System (RAPS)

The most cost effective approach to learning to skydive, RAPS is by far our most popular training method. The RAPS progression system is a solo skydiving progression system (all training jumps will be on your own), which starts students on a static line parachute. With the static line system, jumps are made from around 3,500ft and the parachute opens automatically on exit of the aircraft. After exiting, you are then free to enjoy controlling the canopy to the ground.

After your first jump, further jumping sees a steady increase in both exit altitude and complexity. Spread over 8 levels, exit altitude increases to over 10,000ft, and jumps move from static line to freefall, and then on to in-air manoeuvres. On completion of the system, you will be awarded a British Parachute Association 'A' licence: an internationally recognised qualification.

To complete RAPS training with us, once you sign up to one of our courses, we will book your place with Skydive Academy, our local dropzone. Most of our courses run over two days, starting on a Friday night, and take 12 people. We will pick you up from the Students' Union and take you to the dropzone, where you will start your training. After a few hours in the classroom, we will spend a few hours in the dropzone bar, before staying overnight in dropzone accommodation. The following morning you will complete your ground training, leaving you the Saturday afternoon to complete your first jump. We will then bring you back to Newcastle on the Saturday evening, or you can stay another night and jump again on the sunday.

If you are on a day course then it will start at 0900 so we have to be at the dropzone for then and then you will complete your ground training and hopefully (weather permitting) make your first skydive!

Our RAPS courses are just £170, and for this you will have full membership to the club for the year, and will recieve:

Membership also includes access to all club transport to and from the airfield, as well as any other events or trips (to other dropzones / windtunnels etc.).

Once you have completed your first jump, further jumps are then just £23 each! Jumps can be completed as often as you can afford both the time and money (we are at the dropzone every week).

Accelerated Free Fall (AFF)

For members looking to skip the static line and get straight on to solo freefall, AFF enables you to progress much quicker, but is more expensive. AFF is an alternative solo skydiving progression system (all training jumps will be on your own), where jumps are from over 10,000ft and enable you to experience freefall from the start of your training. On exiting the aircraft, you will be assisted in the air by two instructors, who will stay with you until you deploy your canopy.

After your first jump, further jumping sees a decrease in instructor involvement and an increase in complexity. Spread over 8 levels, jumps move from 2 assisting instructors to 1, and then on to in-air manoeuvres. On completion of the system, you will be awarded a British Parachute Association 'A' licence.

As AFF training is 1-1 instruction, please contact us if you are interested, and we will tailor your training course to you. Our AFF courses are arranged through The AFF School, and are a great way to get qualified quickly. Where possible, we will arrange your training to take place alongside one of our RAPS courses, so that you can all share the same atmosphere in the dropzone bar. It is also possible to complete this training abroad, with regular trips to Spain.

Our AFF courses start from £1245 for the levels 1-8, interest free monthly payments may be arranged on request.


We are also able to offer Tandem skydives through Skydive Academy at a reduced rate for Newcastle University Students – just £235! If you are interested in completing a tandem skydive, please contact us for more information.