Meet the Club

The easiest way to find out what we do and how you can get invloved, is to come along to our socials. We meet regularly throughout term time. This is an ideal opportunity to meet the club and ask any questions you might have. We will put details out by email and on Facebook. If you are planning to join us but aren't sure how to find us, we keep our Facebook page updated with where we are; comment on there and we'll arrange to meet you.

Our weekly socials are very informal, and are attended by members new and old – from those looking to get started in the sport to experienced instructors.

Other events

We also meet regularly in addition to our socials for a variety of events. These events happen throughout term time as often as possible, and range from cinema trips to paintballing, as well as nights out and pub crawls (including our hugely successful Drinking RAPS!). It is common for our socials to offer the opportunity of free jump tickets, so they're well worth getting involved with.

As well as all of the above, we also visit other dropzones and windtunnels accross both the country and the world. This includes a foreign trip in the summer (where there is enough interest).

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