Cross Country Training

Track Sessions

Track sessions are undertaken on a weekly basis (bi-weekly in the summer) and are held at Gateshead International Stadium.

The XC sessions are tailored for those wanting to run 800m plus. The sessions are split into fast, medium and slow groups so do no be intimidated if you have never run a track session before. The sessions are set by our coach, Ian Whyte, and vary depending on times that you want to achieve over the season or upcoming races.

Threshold Session

A Threshold session is held once a week near the town moor and consists of a sustained period of running at race pace. These sessions are usually not as fast as the track sessions and they give you the opportunity to run at your own race pace.

Hill Session

Hill sessions are exactly as it says on the tin, and take place in a couple of locations around Newcastle depending on weather and conditions underfoot.

Steady Runs/Long Runs

Steady runs are used to recover from track and threshold sessions and to keep weekly mileage ticking over. They provide an excellent opportunity to socialise with other club members and explore the Newcastle and Gateshead areas.

Long runs are held every Sunday and are slightly longer than the steady runs, giving you the chance to explore further parts Newcastle and increase your endurance over further distances.