Athletics Training

Track Sessions

Track Sessions are undertaken on a bi-weekly basis and are held at Gateshead International Stadium.

These sessions work on field disciplines and those competing in distances of 800m and below. The sessions are split into groups of 100/200m runners and 400/800m runners. The sessions also vary between the outdoor and indoor track, where training can be done using the throws cage, jump pits and mats, plus the 60m indoor track. Outdoor sessions are mainly focused on sprinting. These sessions are lead by athletics coach Chris Kirk.

Strength and Conditioning/Circuits

S&C and Circuit training are an important part of both Athletics and Cross Country training as they are key to improving core strength. Strength and Conditioning requires you to have Gold membership to the gym, however only Silver is required for circuits. Circuit sessions are made up of 2 or 3 circuits of various high intensity exercises including push ups, sit ups, burpees.