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Attention Hep Cats!

Welcome to the website of the Swing Dance Society. You donít need to be a great dancer, nor even someone who has danced before to join us and have fun. Do you have two left feet? Good Ė itís always useful to have a spare left foot. We can lend you a right foot until you get your own.

We organise nights of foot-shuffling pleasure. We show you the steps, and then play some great music with a swinging beat, and let you strut your stuff. Some of us dress up, but others come as they are, though a stylish hat is always welcome.

Select the 'What's On' link for event details.

Oooh. Here's some video of our amazing show at the 2007 International Grand Festival.

We are also featured on the video No Bridge, No Crossing Allowed by local band Athletes in Paris, check it out!

How to join the Swing Soc

Go to this link. Then click on 'Newcastle Login' at the top. This will send you to a login page. Use your uni login and password (the one for your email and computer login).

Next, click on New Student. This is so even if you aren't a new student as the union website changed this year. Fill in your contact details (these are mostly for insurance purposes), and click submit.

You'll then go back to the original page, and you can click on the memberships tab on the right side of the page. It will automatically put £3 worth of insurance in your basket, this is the union, and will cover all societies you join. Browse through the list on swing society, and join for £6.

You can then put in your bank details and the union will charge you. You will get a confirmation email. Please bring this along with you if you've done it, so we know you are a member and we can give you a membership card and give you discounted lessons!!! (woop!)

Any problems you have, let us know!